The Reality Of Liposuction

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by Daniel Allan, M.D.

Since it was first performed in the early 1980’s, most of the misconceptions surrounding liposuction have been dispelled. This procedure for suctioning away problem areas fat was once popularly thought to be a cure for obesity. It is not. Liposuction removes inches, not pounds, of fat from localized areas. On average, only a pound or two of fat is taken away. This is enough to relieve the body of such genetically-ordained areas of fat as love handles, saddlebag thighs, bulging bellies, double chins, and big hips. Nor is liposuction a method that will make the body look picture perfect. The most important factor governing the after-appearance of liposuction surgery is skin tone. Those who have ridden the diet roller coaster may have skin that is less able to contract around a new body proportion. Liposuction involves medical fact, not miracles.

The patient considering liposuction should arrange for extensive consultation with a plastic surgeon to assess whether this option addresses their specific needs. For more information on this topic please call my office at 575-523-6554, located at 780 South Walnut. Office hours are Monday through Friday by appointment. I also provide cosmetic surgery for the eyelids, nose, and face.