Seperating Fused Fingers

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The term “syndactyly” refers to a congenital defect of the hands which features two or more fingers fused together. Because this condition limits the use of the hand, plastic surgeons like to surgically repair the fingers when a child is about two or three years old . The procedure involves separating the fingers by making a zig-zag incision on both the palm side and back side of the fused fingers. AllĀ  the while, the small patient is under general anesthesia to inhibit movement. To make up for the lack of tissue between fingers, the surgeon may borrow skin from the tops and bottoms of both fingers . Skin grafts, taken from the thigh, groin, or buttocks, may also be used to fill in the area at the base of the fingers. After recuperation, the patient can expect a normal range of motion and a presentable appearance of ihe hand.
Plastic surgery plays a key role in the correction of deformities in patients of all ages. Both reconstructive and cosmetic procedures make up the body of the plastic surgeon’s work.

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