Revising A Scar

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by Daniel Allan, M.D.

In some cultures, body and facial scars are used for adornment or to denote social rank. However people in this culture who have scars as a result of burns, accidents, or surgery may wish to minimize or camouflage them. The plastic surgeon can often help by performing revisional surgery. This involves removing scar tissue and sewing the edges together to provide a smoother result. Employing such a technique known as Z-plasty, the surgeon makes a series of small incisions to make V-shaped flaps, on either side of the scar site. These flaps are then positioned in an interlocking pattern and sewn together. This is but one technique that the plastic surgeon uses to revise scars. He selects the one best suited for the scar type.
Most of us have skin blemishes or scars revealing childhood accidents, illness, or birth marks. Rather than living with these indefinitely, there may be cosmetic options which may reduce or eliminate them. Please call my office for further information at 575-523-6554, at 780 S. Walnut. Office hours are Monday through Friday by appointment.