Removing Excess Baggage

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by Daniel Allan, M.D.

If a patient has noticeably sagging bulges in the lower eyelids, lower eyelid surgery can bring dramatic improvement. Lower lid blepharoplasty involves the removal of bags under the eyes by removing excess fat. A small amount of skin and muscle may also be removed. Once bags are removed and the skin of the lower lid made slightly more snug, the face takes on a more rested appearance. This type of surgery however is not meant to remove “laugh lines”. These wrinkles are imbedded in the lower lid itself. Removing the section of skin that contains them would mean practically removing the entire lower lid. Nor can the skin be tightened to iron out laugh lines. To do so would result in lids that do not close entirely. A lower lid blepharoplasty is intended solely to remove puffiness from below the eyes.

This procedure can be performed on the upper eyelid as well, to produce similarly pleasing results. A tiny incision is made and the scar is effectively hidden in the natural folds of the skin. If you would like more information on this, other cosmetic, or reconstructive procedures, please call my office at 575-523-6554. We are located at 780 South Walnut, office hours are Monday through Friday by appointment.