Of Rabbits and Children

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Clefting of the upper lip with or a cleft of the palate is among the more common birth defects. It runs the gamet from a dimple in the upper lip seems like a trench extending through the lip, upper jaw and the whole palate into the back of the throat. Why the cleft may be part of a syndrome of a combination of birth defects, many of these children are otherwise normal. Parents are more often upset by a cleft lip, but actually a cleft palette is more disabling as an intact palate is necessary go the in to suck especially to talk normally. A cleft palate also predisposes the child to risk of ear infections. The cleft lip is usually repaired at about 3 months of age, when the infant is beginning to babble. The care of these children has always been at the use of plastic surgery, and there have been significant improvements in surgical techniques in the last decade. Optional care of a cleft child frequently requires the services not only of a plastic surgeon, and there have been of which are available right here Cruces ..

Where does the rabbit come eventually, it doesn’t. While a cleft lip is freuently called a ‘hare lip,’ misnomer. A rabbit’s lip a cleft in the middle, while in cleft is off to the side.

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