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Most people associate plastic surgery with cosmetic surgery, with surgery for birth defects, burns, face, hands and restoration of form and function lost to disease and injury. This, is true but it represents the higher profile part of the speciality. For most plastic surgeons, a considerable portion of their practice is devoted to more mundane problems – removing cysts, moles and other skin growths, treatment of lacerations, skin cancer and so forth. The same skill and judgment that restores an infant’s cleft lip or a mangled hand produces the best obtainable result when applied to these smaller, more ordinary problems. Scars are the lingering stigma of accidents or surgery. They can be minimized through plastic surgery. While scars can frequently be revised and improved years later, revision may be unnecessary if the operation is optimally done to begin with. From the insurance point of view, the procedure will usually be covered as long as the operation is not cosmetic in nature.