High-Brow Surgery

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As if sagging upper eyelids and bags under the eyes did not do enough to detract from a person’s appearance, loose and relaxed temples, forehead, and eyebrows contribute to the problem. To counter this sad and tired look, many elect to undergo eyelid surgery (blepharlplasty) which involves the removal of saggining skin and protruding fatty tissue. When relaxed eyebrows or wrinkling of the forehead is aproblem, a forehead lift may be elected. This latter procedure utilizes an incision high up behind the hairline to elevate the brows and diminish forehead wrinkles and frown lines. As with most cosmetic surgery, these operations are usually done on an out-patient basis under local anestesia.

When first meeting someone, our attention is usually directed at the face, thus facial cosmetic surgery often affords the paitent a new outlook and a new look to offer the world.

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