Don’t Boil Your Child

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by Daniel Allan, M.D.

Children like baths. They associate the bath tub with fun, suds, and rubber ducky, even if mom or dad washes behind the ears. Because they enjoy bath time, a child will frequently crawl into the bath tub and turn on the hot water and be scalded. The child, now injured, in pain, frightened, and wet is unable to crawl out of the slippery bathtub and is trapped until rescued. This injury is preventable without putting a leash on the child or locking the bathroom door. If your hot water is so hot that you have to add cold water when shaving, turn it down. It is a waste of energy to heat water too hot and then cool it. Appliances such as dishwashers, that require very hot water, have their own heating elements. Consider installing knobs on faucets that little hands can’t twist. An ounce of prevention beats an operation every time.

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